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Why work for Autotool?

Autotool is a company of dedicated thinkers who believe technology is the key to a brighter manufacturing future.

At Autotool we pride ourselves on being a single-source supplier, which means that design, fabrication, and testing all happen in-house. Our engineering staff stay with a project from concept to completion, working with advanced robotics in our newly-constructed Plain City, OH facility.

If you think it is time for another industrial revolution -
a revolution in clean, efficient, tech-focused manufacturing - join Autotool.

Our modern manufacturing vision includes access to the latest innovations in design and engineering, a bright, open work environment, generous compensation, and a full benefits package. Autotool believes in growing our team members and is proud to be a company where advancement and new opportunities are always open. We also invest in the next generation of American industrial technology by partnering with regional trade and technology institutions.

Current Job Openings:

Electrical Engineer

Autotool is always interested in the future of American manufacturing, and that means we are always seeking out talented individuals. Send us your resume and cover letter If you want to engineer a better world - we will let you know if we have any matching openings.

Learning opportunities

Autotool is proud to connect the next generation of automation specialists with the latest industry innovations. Our internship program includes students from top engineering schools, and we are always looking for exciting new talent in regional trade and tech programs.

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Learning Partners

Autotool Educational Outreach
  • Tolles Career and Tech. Center
  • The Ohio State University
  • Columbus State Community College