Single-Source Solutions.


The Autotool Advantage means professional training, management, and support.


Faster cycles, smaller footprints, higher quality - innovation is our signature.


We manage every step of your project from design to installation.



From concept development to start-up, Autotool works with you to create tooling customized to your wants and needs.

Our customers benefit by having one point of contact for clear and complete communication with us. We handle every aspect of the project. All important milestones are our responsibility, including concept development, design, manufacturing, integration, installation and start-up support. Efficient operations are achieved by the open lines of communication within our organization. Close collaboration between departments ensure seamless project management throughout the entire process. Changes resulting from unexpected circumstances are efficiently and completely handled within the Autotool team.


With Autotool, you will know where your project stands. Our single-source operations mean we provide accurate tracking and scheduling - no middlemen, no outsourced providers, and no time wasted managing contractors.

The Autotool team believes that anyone can make a promise, but not everyone can deliver. Autotool's highly-experienced project managers get you results- on time, on spec, and on budget.


When you choose the Autotool Advantage we give you unified parts systems and control panel layouts, which means you spend less money on spare parts and costly downtime. Our experienced and responsive maintenance team members get you solutions when you need them.

We provide pre- and post-installation support at your facility and are available for parts, repairs, maintenance, and upgrades.


Autotool can see your project through from concept to completion. We know that the overall success of an automated system depends on training and integrating a workforce.

Autotool is dedicated to your success; We provide training programs and consultation with every project to ensure your operations run smoothly from day one. We get you results.



At Autotool, we love a challenging project.

Our expert engineers are constantly seeking new ways to improve industrial automation.
We push boundaries - shrinking line footprints, reducing cycle times, and improving efficiency, all within your budget. Autotool tailors every aspect of production to your unique requirements - the Autotool Advantage is better design and better execution.

Case Studies

Multiple Product Line

Autotool is committed to continuing to improve manufacturing technology.
When our client asked for a weld line capable of handling left and right variations of multiple parts, we delivered.

Manpower Reduction

Efficiency means maintaining peak output. Autotool's manless systems allow you to run production longer with fewer stoppages.


Multiple Operation Line

Autotool saves time and money by designing multiple operation systems with minimum operations crew.




There is no second-guessing with Autotool.

You will never have to worry about components matching, machines working to spec, or installing your line when you work with Autotool. We manage every phase of your project under one roof, designing, fabricating, and testing all before we install the finished product in your facility. Autotool even provides training, spare parts service, and other support. Working with Autotool is simple and straightforward, so you can rely on results and concentrate on your next steps.