Material Handling

  • Inspection Machines

    Inspection Machines

    We stand by the quality of our systems installations at Autotool. To help you maintain the highest possible standards, we…

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  • Programmable Logic Controllers

    Programmable Logic Controllers

    Autotool has a knowledgeable and experienced in-house team of electrical engineers. We design and program integrated PLC systems to meet…

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  • Robot Tool Changes

    Robot Tool Changes

    When you need the ultimate in flexibility, think Autotool.  Our experience with hand jigs and tool changes allows us to…

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  • Press Tooling Changes

    Press Tooling Changes

    Your success is our goal at Autotool. Automated tool changes bring you increased efficiency, lower labor costs, and reliable output.…

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  • Turntables


    Your automated production line will run smoother than ever with space-saving Autotool innovations like turntables, racks, and mounted jigs.

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  • Palletization


    At Autotool we understand that logistics is a key factor in your product life cycle. That's why we deliver customized…

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  • Multiweld


    Our multiweld stations increase cycle times and eliminate costly additional machinery. You can trust Autotool to deliver the most efficient…

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  • MIG


    Autotool has been been developing MIG weld cells for 20 years. We are the trusted and proven experts. We are…

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